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Special thanks to the men and women who protect this great nation both here at home and abroad.  Without dedicated police, fire and military personnel, this nation would succumb to the internal and external dangers posed to take her down and the rest of us along with it.  Thank God for the thin blue, red and green lines and the wonderful people who comprise them.  Yes, a few engage in unworthy conduct occasionally, but the rest of them will never let us down!  God bless America and the people who live here.  I try to give a shannon's angel pin to each and every first responder and nurse I come in contact with just to remind them of the spiritual nature of the "job" they do for all of us.  


SHANNON!  by Ed Kane.  Oh father so loving, of father so dear, Grieve not so sadly, for I am still here. To lessen your anguish must now be my goal. So please let me hug you with my immortal soul. It was Shannon you called me; so much more than a name. For I and the Shannon are one and the same. I know you adored me as I flowed through your life, Always keeping you cheerful through struggle and strife. I know that you love me, as I do love you, And we both know that our love will never be through.  I shall flow through your soul now and give you my strength, Just as I do in Ireland, for most of its length. Yes, I am in Heaven and you know just where, For it has not been that long since we were both there, So please come and see me, and I promise to you, That you'll see true Heaven in the way that I do. I am Shannon of Erin, nee Shannon McBride, Daughter of a Chieftain, who thinks I have died. One sunset at Clonmacnois he will stand at my side, And he'll play his pipes proudly, as I smile so wide. He'll hear me playing also, as he plays on and on, In the realization that I am not gone. For there's Magic in my name more powerful than cannon, Oh hello my loving father, Yes it's me, your dear Shannon.  (Penned by Sgt Edward Kane, Chicago Police Emerald Society, 2003)