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ANGELS AND SHANNON-Shannon Lee McBride had a very interesting relationship with the angels. She was born on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel and grew up in a family where God's spiritual messengers were both recognized and respected.  Today she rests in the St. Gabriel crypt in All Souls cemetery. She knew that anyone of us might be called upon to act temporarily as an angel here on earth.  With that in mind, her friends knew her as a person willing to share herself with others and to help them face troublesome life challenges. Many of them said that for her age Shannon was a "very wise" person. Those of us who knew her and loved her miss her every day even after all of these years.  We don't actually believe that she's an angel herself but we have no doubt that she's working among the angels now to do God's work in heaven as she did here on earth.   

BRUSH HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP WINNER!  Shannon graduated from Brush High School.  The EMcT Volleyball Scholarship at Brush High School, was created by the surviving family members of three deceased Class of 98 classmates, Accoria Elie, Shannon Lee McBride, and Rayna Taylor.  The winners of the EMCT scholarship are: Miranda Lange 2005; Jen Mitchell 2006; Hallie E. Gromek 2007; Chelsea Mack 2008; Amanda Saxe 2009; Kristi L. Buchanon 2010; Natasha Shorts 2011; Kimberly Zemel 2012; Layla Johnston 2013; Natasha Zeigler 2014; and Alexis Little (2018). Congratulations to all of these wonderful young athletes. IMG953505.jpg

WHO WAS SHANNON?  Shannon was a vibrant young lady why loved life and her family and her Irish heritage. Besides being a notable athlete, loved step-dancing lessons and was a charter member of the Greater Cleveland Police Emerald Society ( She was a side drummer with the Greater Cleveland Peace Officer Memorial Society ( pipe band, and marched in many law enforcement and military funerals, parades, and memorials during her short lifetime including the National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Socieities Memorial March ( and Innaugural Parades in Washington, D.C. as well as in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 and St. Patrick's Day parades in Cleveland and Chicago.   Shannon was reading a novel by Les Roberts, a GCPES Lifetime Honorary Member and nationally acclaimed author entitled "The Irish Sports Pages" shortly before her death. It was her first "real mystery" book and she seemed to love it. Shannon was a star softball player (Lefty) with the Mayfield Road Scalpers and earned a reputation for sportsmanship and hard work on the softball field.  She had many, many friends who grew to love her warm personality and her wonderful smile.  When Shannon died she was honored by a number of local and regional police and fire departments and organizations.  Her funeral was attended by NCLEES national Drum Majors Don Gilmartin and Richie Desmond of New Jersey as well as by members of the GCPOMS, Cleveland Fire Department, and Black Sheep bagpipe bands. .