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ANGELS AND SHANNON-Shannon Lee McBride had a very interesting relationship to the angels. She was born on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel and grew up in a family who believed in God's messengers.  She knew that sometimes anyone of us might be called upon to act as an angel here on earth.  With that in mind, her friends knew her as a person willing to share herself with others and to help them face their troublesome life challenges. For her age, she was a very wise person.  We miss her every day even after all of these years but we believe that while's she's not an angel herself she's most likely eagerly doing God's work in heaven.   

BRUSH HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP WINNER!  Shannon graduated from Brush High School.  The EMcT Volleyball Scholarship at Brush High School, was created by the families of three deceased Class of 98 classmates, Accoria Elie, Shannon Lee McBride, and Rayna Taylor.  The 2013 winnner of that scholarship was LAYLA JOHNSTON.  Congratulations to her and her family from the Elie, McBride and Taylor families.

WHO WAS SHANNON?  Shannon was a young lady why loved her Irish heritage a lot She was a charter member of the Greater Cleveland Police Emerald Society (Irish-American law enforcement association", and the Greater Cleveland Police Memorial Society.  She had been a drummer in the Greater Cleveland Peace Officer Memorial Society pipe band, and had marched in many funerals, parades, and memorials including the 1st and second National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Socieities Memorial March and Services in Washington, D.C., founded by her father James with Michael Mitchell and Patrick O'Brien in 1995. In the GCPES. Shannon, met a local but nationally acclaimed author named Les Roberts who became to be a close family friend.  Just prior to her death Shannon began reading a Robert's novel  "The Irish Sports Pages", and she loved it.  She was also training to run in a muscular distrophy marathon.  Shannon loved to help others and had many friends, some ordinary people and some very popular.  All of them loved her wonderful soul and her wonderful smile.  Today, ten years later, she is still missed by many people.  She is carried as an honored fallen member by the National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies ( and the Greater Cleveland Police Emerald Society ( - Copyright 2006 by J.T. McBride