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COUSIN TIMMY LYONS RainbowAugust2012.jpg- Special prayers please for my sister Mary Lou and her family.  She lost her son Timmy Lyons shortly before Christmas in 2010.  Tim was my nephew and Shannon's cousin, and we love him dearly.  Mary Lou and her family have struggled with his untimely death and think of him each and every day. Several family members have experienced signs of his continuing spiritual presence.  Each sign, when shared, strengthens the faith of those who share as well as others who loved him and who vest their trust in God's wisdom and love.  We know that Timmy and Shannon are together in Christ, and that we shall see both of them again in glory.  Rainbows remind us of God's promises to us.  His promises - and his rainbows - keep us strong in times of pain and trial.     

Special prayers are requested for Shannon's cousin Luanne "Buttercup" Lyons-Powell, who just lost her wonderful husband Keith "Big Daddy" Powell, age 46, in Wilmington, DE. Keith suffered dearly over the last several years with "brittle" diabetes.  He went home to heaven in February of 2017.  Buttercup was his nurse and he was her loving patient.  They are soul-mates.  Please keep them, and the entire family, in your prayers.  FB_IMG_1487446726084.jpg
We've been blessed with many sources of comfort have helped since Shannon expired. While each person's loss and healing process is personal, I'd like to share some information with each of you about our journey through catastrophic loss.  One major source of our strength over recent years has been "Angels on Earth", a monthly publication from Guideposts.  My sister, Mary Lou Lyons, introduced me to this publication and I highly recommend it to anyone who has questions about angels and the roles they play in our everyday lives.  (  Another wonderful source of strength and healing has been the loving ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley (  His wisdom and faith example can actually make you yearn for more.    If you want to take your mind off of your grief and suffering for a while, check out Les Roberts ( who has evolved into Cleveland's own master of mystery. Les is a good friend of the family, and even has some special stories to tell you about Shannon.  In fact, Les wears an angel pin on his shirt every day.  So did Dr. Wayne Dyer the last time he spoke at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio.  He definitely has a spiritual solution for every problem, and many other ideas that you may find comforting during your trip through the vale of personal loss.  I also received a great deal of personal and professional support from Laura Serazin at Cournerstone of Hope in Independence, Ohio (  It is a grief-related organization definitely worth exploring.  Lastly Pastor Mike Currier and assistant pastor Eric Leissa at Body of Christ Community in Willoughby have given me and members of my family support in many, many ways and have allowed us to start a special fellowship for parents who are grieving the death of a child.  
LakelandVolleyBallTeam2012.jpg  Lakeland Lady Lakers stand ready during the Shannon McBride volleyball tournament on September 15, 2012 at Lakeland Community College.
The most fund-raiser for the Shannon Lee McBride Endowment at Lakeland Community College was held on Saturday, September 8, 2016 at the Fairport Harbor VFW.  Special thanks to VFW 7754, FHPD Chief Mark Kish, Ray Sines and all the members of his country and western group, the Pipes and Drums of the Cleveland Division of Police ;ed by Drum Major Tim Riley and all of the kind folks who purchased tickets and provided donations.  We are able to raise some money for the Lakeland Foundation, CPD Pipe & Drum Band Uniform Fund, and the FHPD Association. It is unlikely that a similar event will be held in 2017 but special thanks to all of you who have supported this event in recent years.    

July 2001

This is a list of Shannons Angels scholarship program supporters who are gone but whom will never be forgotten.  Keith "Big Daddy" Powell; Harley "Sarge" Badger; Raymond Reiblein; Jim Riddell; Brian Taylor; Bobby J. O'Malley; Keith "Big Daddy" Powell; Rev. John Cregan; Dr. John Kesler; Dr. Jim Todd; and Roger Bunner. May they all rest in peace.